Appraising a painting or drawing by Diego Rivera tricky business. Though the demand for his work is always high, the market is fickle and hammer prices vary wildly. A special set of skills is required to determine the most appropriate value.

At Rivera Experts, we consider the sale record and the current economic climate, but more importantly, we consider that aspect of each painting or drawing which cannot be quantified: its artistic merit. There is a noticeable gap between the best of Monet’s work and the worst, but it takes a well-trained eye and years of experience to spot the subtle differences.

Our appraisers are licensed by the USPAP, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. They are experts in the industry and are intimately familiar with the work of Claude Monet.

Appraisals are useful not only for clients who are interested in selling their painting or drawing, but also for the purpose of insurance, estate valuation, or tax-deductible donations. Our specialized services are available to meet the needs of all of our clients � even those who simply wish to satisfy their curiosity.

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