Diego Rivera painting authentication

Is it possible that my Diego Rivera drawing/painting is real?

Though we can certainly say that anything is possible, we can also say that because Rivera lived a long life with a fairly prolific output in a variety of styles and in several countries, the likelihood of one of his works being lost over time is higher than artists who lived and worked in only one country and one particular style.

Do your experts have the resources to research works that may have been lost in other countries?

Absolutely! We have established contact with museums, galleries and auction houses in Mexico, the US, Spain, France and Russia – the five countries where Rivera primarily lived and traveled. We have at least one individual fluent in each of the five languages working for us, as well.

How do you determine authenticity?

We rely heavily on the technique of Morellian Analysis, which is a stylistic comparison of the client’s piece to Rivera’s known body of work, and documentary research. When it’s necessary, we can also utilize scientific and forensic methods, such as x-ray photography, IR photography, pigment analysis, fingerprint analysis and/or handwriting analysis.

What happens if my Rivera drawing/painting is real?

We provide a full report of test results, analysis and evidence to support our opinion, whether we believe that the work is authentic or not. If we have no reason to doubt that the work was created by the hand of Diego Rivera, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity

Why can’t I just go to the artist’s foundation, a major auction house or a museum?

The fact is that these large institutions are not equipped to handle every single request for research assistance. They cannot and will not set aside time for an in-depth review of your piece, no matter how convincing your argument may be.

Rivera Experts was created to serve as a solution to this issue. We want to learn more about your piece. Please visit our contact page to learn more about us.


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