Diego Rivera lived or spent a long time in Mexico, Spain, France, the Soviet Union and the US.

Works of his -including lost ones- can of course be found in all these countries as he was always prolific in his production regardless of where he was.

While he is particularly well known for his frescos and sometimes his preparatory cartoons have to be authenticated, the largest number of his works are watercolors and paintings.

He was highly consistent in the quality his production and he has a strong distinctive personal style. As a result, it is generally easy to see if a work looks strongly like a Rivera.

Determining if it is an original can be tricky when working from photos because his watercolors have been reproduced so many times and printed in so many different ways. It is particularly important to have sharp photos showing the surface and texture to be able to separate originals from high quality reproduction prints.

He was an active professional artist all his life, painting in order to sell, and consequently there is a large quantity of publication where his works have been illustrated over the years. The areas that are darker are his productions in Europe which are not as well recorded.

As compared to some other artists, the difficulty level of authenticating paintings, watercolors and drawings by Diego Rivera is at a middle level.

If you think you may have an original by Diego Rivera we encourage you to send us some good photos of it. His works are highly valuable and easy to sell. We would be happy to authenticate it for you.

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